Marco Maneta

marco mantea

Principal Investigator

Marco is an associate professor in the Geosciences department at the University of Montana. He sees hydrology as the backbone that vertebrates environmental and human systems. Because water is at the core of most natural and human processes we observe, an understanding from the point of view of hydrology provides deep insight into these complex and interacting processes. His research is therefore centered on studying the feedbacks between the hydrologic, environmental and socioeconomic systems. This includes interdisciplinary linkages to ecology, atmospheric processes and socioeconomics.

Marco Maneta's full faculty profile

Current Students

Caelan Simeone, M.Sc.

Patrick Wurster, M.Sc.

Past Students

Nicholas Silverman, PhD 2015

Adam Johnson, M.Sc., 2012

Brett Woelber, M.Sc, 2013



  • Matthew Thomas, Geosciences, in progress. Coadvising in collaboraiton with W. Payton Gardner. 
  • Zack Hoylman, Geosciences, 2013
  • Katie Monaco, Geosciences. 2013
  • Brandon Veth, Geosciences, 2014 

Visiting Scholars

  • Miquel Tomas-Burguera, PhD student at the Spanish Research Council, 2016
  • Francisco Javier Lozano-Parra, PhD student at the University of Extremadura, Spain.  2014.
  • Irene Tarimo, PhD scholar from University of Tanzania, 2011