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New on version 5.3.1

Echo 5.3.1 is the current public release. The most relevant changes include:

  • Added code to track progress in sorting of LDD and serialization of sorted map to speed up subsequent runs of DEM does not change. Because of serialization compilation now requires boos_serialization libraries
  • Fixed important bugs in groundwater routing and vegetation growth routines
  • Improvements in model initialization tasks, which are now faster
  • Improvements in documentation and new toggle switches to turn on and off model features

New on version 5.2.3ns_beta

Echo 5.2.3ns_beta is the current release. The most relevant changes include:

  • Fixed bug on the implementation of functionality to write results at different time steps than simulation time steps
  • Implemented functionality to run time steps shorter than the time step at which atmospheric information is provided
  • Improvements in model initialization tasks, which are now faster


Package overview

The compressed file package contains:

  • The ech2o model executable
  • Pre-processor to translate climate files from ascii to binary format
  • Documentation in html format including an example case study
  • Case study sample files

Downloads - Ech2o

Operating system Architecture Package Instructions
Linux 64-bit




Compiling ech2o
Windows 64-bit


(contains ech2o and asc2c)

Installing ech2o on Windows

Source code

The lateset version of the ech2o source code can be downloaded form the git respository hosted by bitbucket

The source code for the climate pre-processor asc2c can be found in

To clone the latest releases:

ech2o: git clone

asc2c: git clone


Please, note that this is a beta version. Have patience and help us make ech2o a better piece of software. In the likely even that you find a bug please, report it by opening a ticket: