Curtin Receives Doss Award

Morgan Curtin and Tobin Miller Shearer

Morgan Curtin has garnered the Ulysses S. Doss Scholarship award for the 2015-16 school year in the amount of $1,200. The award is given each year to a UM student enrolled in the African-American Studies minor who has demonstrated excellence in the classroom, a commitment to community service, and a passion for African-American Studies.

In her application letter, Morgan wrote,

“The minor gives me a whole new perspective on how to look at history.… [It] has filled in the gaps of history classes that I have taken before by showing me African-Americans’ roles throughout historical events. It has eliminated the whitewash so I can see history as a whole.”

Morgan's ability to articulate the importance of African-American Studies made her application stand out from a competitive field of applicants.

Information on next year's Doss Scholarship competition will be made available in early spring 2016.