2014 Doss Scholarship Winners

Johnny Barber (right) and Megan Jones, co-winners of 2014 Doss Scholarship

Johnny Barber (right in photo) and Megan Jones are the co-winners of the 2014 Ulysses S. Doss African-American Studies Scholarship. The applicants demonstrated academic excellence, commitment to public service, and the ability to articulate the signifance of African-American Studies.

Excerpts from their award-winning essays:

“One of the most enlightening and critical things I have attained is that oppressed peoples are constantly in some form of resistance beneath an appearance of passivity. Whether by merely surviving inhuman conditions, small acts of rebellion, or large scale, mass movements, resistance plays a critical role.”

- Megan Jones, Doss Scholarship co-winner, 2014

“African-­‐American Studies has taught me the skills necessary to succeed. It has taught me valuable skills in scholarship, it has greatly enhanced my ability to reach out to my community and speak for equality, and it will greatly contribute to my career once I have left the University of Montana.”

- Johnny Barber, Doss scholarship co-winner, 2014

Congratulations to Johnny and Megan!