Archaeology Field School in Belize

Winter Session Archaeology Field School in Belize

Belize 2018

January 3-19, 2018

Pick up a trowel!
Map features!
Shake a screen!
Be part of a team!
Learn about Maya prehistory and archaeological techniques On an imposing hill stands Cahal Pech, a prehistoric ceremonial center. Our excavations focus on the final years of the Maya occupation. You will learn about Maya culture prehistory; practice archaeological field techniques; and gain skills in identifying and processing artifacts. Requirements You must be in good standing, an undergraduate with a 2.5 GPA, or a graduate student. A $2,563 special fee covers room/board, transportation in Belize, instruction, field trips. A round trip ticket to Belize and incidentals are not covered and vary by student. You must enroll in ANTY 467, which counts in your spring 2018 semester load (4 credits)


Dr. John Douglas
Department of Anthropology
University of Montana
Social Science 233