Recommended Reading

When we're not busy cramming our brains with school book reading, ocassionally a student stumbles upon a really great book that they've read for FUN.  Listed below are some of those finds.  If you'd like to take a break from academia, but want to read about something  Anthropolgy related, try one of these out.  If you have a book you'd like to suggest please email an officer and we'll get it on the list!

Fun Reading!


Author Title

Child, Lincoln and Douglas Preston



The Ice Limit

Mount Dragon

Pendergast Series:



The Cabinet of Curiousities

Still Life with Crows


Dance of Death

The Book of the Dead

The Wheel of Darkness

Cemetery Dance

Fever Dream

DePoy, Philip

The Devil's Hearth

A Widow Curse

The Drifter's Wheel

A Minister's Ghost

The Witch's Grave

Evans, Mary Ann







Grann, David

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon

The Devil and Sherlock Holmes: Tales of Murder, Madness, and Obsession

Hart, Erin

Haunted Ground

Lake of Sorrows

False Mermaid

Howe, LeAnne

Shell Shaker

Michaels, Barbara (same as Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Mertz)

The Master of Blacktower

Sons of the Wolf

Ammie Come Home

Prince of Darkness

The Dark on the Other Side

The Crying Child



House of Many Shadows

Sea King's Daughter

Patriot's Dream

Wings of the Falcon

Wait for What Will Come

The Walker in Shadows

The Wizard's Daughter

Someone in the House

Black Rainbow

Here I Stay

The Grey Beginning

Be Buried in the Rain

Shattered Silk

Search in the Shadows

Smoke and Mirrors

Into the Darkness

Vanish with the Rose

Houses of Stone

Stitches in Time

The Dancing Floor

Other Worlds

Palnuck, Chuck



Reichs, Kathy

Temperance Brennan series:

Deja Dead

Death du Jour

Deadly Decision

Fatal Voyage

Grave Secrets

Bare Bones

Monday Mourning

Cross Bones

Break No Bones

Bones to Ashes

Devil Bones

206 Bones

Spider Bones

Virals (released November, 2010)