MASA Travel Funding

One of the primary reasons MASA works hard to raise money within the organization is to provide funding assistance to members that will attend/present at Anthropology related conferences.  If you are attending/presenting at a conference this year and wish to request funding through MASA you must be a MASA member.  You must also submit the proper form to a MASA officer.  Below are the details you will need to request funding assistance.

Financial Assistance Request Guidelines of the Montana Anthropology Student Association

Application Requirements:

  1. Membership dues ($15) must be paid for the semester in which the applicant is seeking funding.
  2. The applicant must maintain an active membership role whereby the applicant regularly attends meetings and contributes to the organization.
  3. The applicant must complete and remit a current application form letter that includes a detailed description of the project or event for which the funding is requested, including all anticipated expenses.  This letter can be given directly to the president or placed in the envelope and slipped under the MASA office door (SS 237). (See a MASA officer to obtain an application). 
  4. The applicant must have participated in at least one (1) MASA event to be considered for financial requests.  Certain exceptions apply (e.g. no events were held prior to funding need).

Policies and Procedures:

  • The most significant criteria used in evaluating a member’s request for funding is the applicant’s contributing role to the organization.  This includes helping with workshops, writing or organizing the annual newsletter, helping with the annual picnic and/or banquet, attending meetings, and attending/helping with other special functions.  The more active a member is in MASA sponsored activities, the more favorably his/her application will be regarded.
  • Since the total amount of funds available to MASA will fluctuate from year to year, so will the amount that is available to MASA members.  No guarantees of minimum or maximum awards be given.
  • Awards will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Once a request has been received and evaluated, the member will receive a letter stating the amount, if any, awarded to him/her by MASA.  The member then takes this letter to Jessica Goodman at the ASUM office, UC Suite 105 (243-2120) along with travel, registration, or other relevant receipts or information.  If the reward is for accommodations, travel, or registration that can be prepaid with a credit card, this can be done byJessica.  If you’ve already paid and/or attended the given function, Jessica can reimburse you.

Please direct your questions to the MASA email account for more information.