Nate Scherr Memorial

It is with the deepest regrets that we learned recently of the passing of one of our most inspiring students, Nate Scherr. Nate was an undergraduate and graduate student in our Anthropology Department. He suffered from muscular dystrophy, a debilitating disease that Nate courageously battled for most of his life. Despite that, Nate completed an archaeological field school in Yellowstone National Park, participating daily in field excavations (picture attached). One of the funniest things I ever heard anyone say was Nate’s deadpan comment about another student who wasn’t pulling his weight: “I’m working harder than that guy and I’m in a wheel chair!” Nate worked diligently to complete his Master’s Thesis in the face of very challenging physical limitations (Nate Scherr, UM M.A. 2012). His thesis research developed a computer program to facilitate the transfer of Microsoft Access archaeological databases to the National Park Service database system. His research will be utilized by Yellowstone National Park and other NPS archaeology labs for years to come. Nate will be missed; he was a courageous person who inspires all of us to move forward, work harder, and be better, no matter the odds. Nate was one of the good ones; we can all learn a wonderful life-lesson from him.