MASA Students

Lauren Clark - Undergrad / Co-President


Lauren is a senior at the University of Montana and is a double major in Biology and Anthropology. She hopes to reinvigorate the Montana Anthropology Student Association during her time at UM. She enjoys running, mountain biking, reading, and backpacking in her spare time. Take a moment to send her an email about your interests in Anthropology and why MASA matters to you!

Myriah Allen - Master's Student / Co-President

Ren Freeman - PhD Student / Co-Vice President

Paige Plattner - Master's Student / Co-Vice President

Alexis Rizzolo - Master's Student / Co-Treasurer

Caleb Smith - Undergrad / Co-Treasurer

Tre Blohm - PhD Student / Secretary

Michaela Shifley - PhD Student / Historian

Previous Board Members From The 2017-2018 Academic Year

Lauren Clark - President

Nikki Manning - Vice President

Jade Winters - Treasurer and Secretary