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Irene Appelbaum

Irene Appelbaum

Associate Professor

Office: Social Sciences 211
Email: irene.appelbaum@umontana.edu
Office Hours:

On Sabbatical AY 2016-2017


PhD - University of Chicago 1995
AB - Princeton University 1984

Research Interests

Evolution of the sound structure of language; conceptual history of phonetics & phonology; foundations of speech perception; meta-theory of language and linguistics.

Selected Publications

Two Conceptions of the Emergence of Phonemic Structure, Foundations of Science 9: 415-435 (2004).

Physical Segments and Functional Gestures. In Proceedings of the 2003 Texas Linguistics Society Conference, A. Agwuele, W. Warren, & S. Park, eds. Cascadilla Proceedings Project, pp. 1-8 (2004).

Merging Information vs. Speech Recognition. Behavioral & Brain Sciences 23, 3, pp. 325-6 (2000). Commentary on D. Norris, J. McQueen, & A. Cutler, Merging Information in Speech Recognition: Feedback is Never Necessary. Behavioral & Brain Sciences 23, 3, pp. 299-370 (2000).

The Dogma of Isomorphism: A Case Study from Speech Perception. Philosophy of Science 66, Proceedings (1999).

Fodor, Modularity, and Speech Perception. Philosophical Psychology 11, 3, pp. 317-330 (1998).

The Use of Modularity in Cognitive Science. In A Companion to Cognitive Science, W. Bechtel & G. Graham, eds. Basil Blackwell, pp. 625-635 (1998).

Analytic Isomorphism and Speech Perception. Behavioral & Brain Sciences 21, 6 (1998). Commentary on L. Pessoa, E. Thompson and A. No‘, Finding Out About Filling In: A Guide to Perceptual Completion For Visual Science and the Philosophy of Perception. Behavioral & Brain Sciences 21, 6, pp. 723-802 (1998).

Review of Alvin Liberman, Speech: A Special Code, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, (1996). Philosophical Psychology 10, 3, pp. 402-407 (1998).

Aspect in Fox. Contemporary Linguistics 2, pp. 23-46 (1996).

Specialized Skills

Linguistics; Native American Languages (Kootenai, Shoshone); Language Typology; Foundations of  Phoentics, Phonology, and Speech Perception