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Meradeth Snow

Meradeth Snow

Assistant Professor

Email: meradeth.snow@umontana.edu
Office: Social Sciences 213
Office Hours:

Tuesday & Thursday, 2-3pm, and by appointment. 

Curriculum Vitae

Field of Study

Anthropological genetics with a speciality in ancient DNA, primarily in the US desert Southwest and northwest Mexico. 

Area of Specialization

If you'd like to learn more about my labs, check out our website

Please email me if you're looking for lab experience or a graduate program. I am interested in students looking to specialize in ancient DNA in our lab facilities.


Fall: ANTY 310 (Human Variation) & 510 (Grad semiar on Human Variation and anthropological genetics)

Spring: ANTY 415 (Emergence of Modern Humans) & ANTY 418 (Advanced Human Variation)