UM Department of Anthropology will partner with the Bridge River Indian Band

Bridge River Project

Archaeologists from the UM Department of Anthropology will partner with Xwísten, the Bridge River Indian Band, and the St’át’imc Nation to conduct archaeological investigations of Housepit 54 at the Bridge River site, British Columbia during 2020 and 2021.   The project is directed by Dr. Anna Prentiss and is funded by the National Science Foundation and the University of Montana.  The new research will emphasize a microarchaeological approach that provides a wide range of data to permit fine grained interpretation of occupational history, feature function, cultural transmission, subsistence history, and social dynamics.  Laboratory approaches will include lithic technology, fire-altered rock studies, radiocarbon dating, zooarchaeology, sediment micromorphology, paleoethnobotany (including phytolith and plant tissue identifications), ancient DNA analysis (focused on canid remains and sediments), residue studies, and geochemical analyses of soils and stone artifacts.  The project will include abundant opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student involvement.  More details on the Bridge River Archaeological Project may be found at thier website.