Welcome to the University of Montana’s Anthropological Collection Facility (UMACF). The facility houses collections of prehistoric and historic artifacts from archaeological sites across Montana and ethnographic collections from Northern Plains and Southwestern cultures accessioned for curation and use in teaching and/or research at the University of Montana. A primary mission of the UMACF is to create and facilitate an environment for research and learning. In order to support this primary goal, the facility will make its collections accessible to faculty, researchers, graduate students, culturally affiliated groups, and other qualified individuals.

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This site will be continually updated with resources pertaining to our material culture and associated records collections to assist researchers and interested groups or individuals. Look for the following future updates:

  • Lists of theses and dissertations that have been written in correlation with our collections
  • Research suggestions for future thesis and dissertation projects based on our holdings
  • Summary descriptions of each of our collections
  • Current research involving our collections
  • Indexing to our paper records

The UMACF strives to create an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership with federal, state and tribal agencies in order to facilitate continued support and joint research opportunities. The UMACF, as a subsidiary of the state university system, recognizes its role as a public facility, in this spirit the facility will endeavor to preserve and protect Montana’s archaeological and ethnographic history for present and future generations.