Mission Statement

The University of Montana Anthropological Collection Facility (UMACF) houses collections of prehistoric and historic artifacts from archaeological sites across Montana accessioned for curation and use in teaching and/or research at the University of Montana. While most of these collections are, and will be, from the region, the Curation Facility is not intended to be a comprehensive regional repository, and we remain open to the acquisition of collections from outside the North American West, provided they meet the teaching and research goals of the Department.

The long-term goal of the UMACF is to provide a repository facility that is in line with 36 CFR 79.9 standards for facilities that house federal collections. This is to include, but not limited to, creating a secure limited access facility; thoroughly inventorying all collections currently housed in the facility; bringing storage of individual sites and collections up to current archival standards; locating, consolidating, and properly housing all associated records for curated sites; creating and instituting policy and procedure for the accession, care, use and deaccession of present and future collections.

The UMACF will strive to create an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership with federal, state and tribal agencies in order to facilitate continued support and joint research opportunities. The UMACF, as a subsidiary of the state university system, recognizes its role as a public facility, in this spirit the facility will endeavor to preserve and protect the state of Montana’s archaeological history for present and future generations.

Policy and Procedure Manual

Collection Highlights