Consultation and Research

Welcome to the University of Montana's Anthropological Collection Facility's (UMACF's) Research and Consultation page. Due to limited resources, we are open by appointment only, but are more than happy to serve those who submit a Letter of Request for Access form to any one (or more) of the following addresses and points of contact:

Send electronic copies to:

Send hard copies (snail mail) to:

University of Montana's Anthropological Collections Facility
Social Sciences 036
32 Campus Drive
Missoula, MT 59812

The curation facility can be reached through the Anthropology Department at 406-243-2693.

According to the University of Montana's Anthropological Collection Facility's Policies and Procedures Manual, access is to be granted to individuals after they have submitted a Letter of Request for Access. Once gaining approval, they must read the UMACF's Policy and Procedures Manual and sign an agreement to maintain strict adherence to them.

Request for Access to the Collections (PDF)

archaeology collection shelves and files
work table with student intern in the background
Archaeology collection shelves

*Our online museum is under construction, and our expected launch is 2017, pending funding. This online museum will provide users with virtual access to objects for which they have been granted permission from the UMACF. Please check back to see if there are developments.