Professor Lodmell: CBSD Pilot Grant

Prof. Lodmell Lab Group

Professor Lodmell recently received a CBSD Pilot Grant: Charicterization of Virus-triggered isoforms of RIOK-3, a host antiviral protein

The Lodmell laboratory works on the molecular virology of Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV), an important human and livestock pathogen that was historically confined to Africa. One of the mosquito vectors for this virus, Aedes aegypti, which also carries Zika, Dengue, and yellow fever viruses, is now endemic in the western hemisphere, so there is a plausible threat of RVFV infections in North America in the future.  We are interested in understanding the molecular details of how the virus identifies and packages its own RNA genome in infected cells, and how the virus thwarts the cellular immune defenses that are launched when a cell is infected.  Understanding these processes at the molecular level will aid in the development of therapeutic strategies to combat RVFV infections.

For more information about the research Professor Lodmell focuses on, please view his research webpage.