Thanks for your interest in employment opportunities at the UM Bird Ecology Lab. We hire seasonal technicians for point count work, nest-searching, and songbird banding each spring. We have completed hiring for the 2017 positions.

General information applicable to all positions:

  • Most positions run ~ early May - mid July (though some extend). 
  • Primary duties include locating study sites via GPS and maps, conducting bird point counts, bird banding, or owl playbacks, sampling vegetation, maintaining data sheets and other documentation, and computer data entry. 
  • Some crews will camp for much of the season; housing may be provided.
  • Salary $10-16/hr DOE and the project.
  • Some positions will require use of personal vehicle (reimbursement ~ $.50/mile). 
  • Applicants MUST be available to start early May for a week-long training session.  

For all point count work, previous birding experience is required.  

Applicants must have the following abilities:

  1. Identify birds (preferably western birds) by sight and song (point counts only)
  2. Hike in rugged conditions off roads and trails
  3. Drive a truck with a standard transmission
  4. Read topographic maps and aerial photos
  5. Work independently under minimal supervision