Fee Structure

Collaborative Subcontracts and Contracted Services

For some computational projects, investigators may desire to establish a formal collaborative subcontract for computational efforts, i.e. for specific computational goals and aims included in an externally funded investigation. Formal collaborations could be for access to core resources and personnel, and for collaborative research ventures.

Investigators that would like to explore potential collaborations should contact Dr. Sprang or Dr. Holley to discuss project goals and strategies. We will work with collaborating investigators to develop methodologies, timelines, and a budget. If the investigator is external to the University of Montana, a Facilities and Administration charge must also be included in the budget.

Core Contracted Services

1: Free Account Set-up

2: Computation and Use Rates

Unlimited access to all MCCF hardware and software, excluding Discovery Studio Suite is $50/month.
Full access to the Discovery Studio Suite is also charged on a month-to-month basis at $50/month.
Full access to MCCF hardware and software, including Discovery Studio Suite is $90/month.

3: Consultation and Training

$45.00 per hour, optional
Training in computer/software use for new users (first two training sessions are free).
We offer consultation to help investigators formulate efficient computation strategies, design protocols, and troubleshoot software and hardware problems.

4: Storage and Archiving

Files greater than 1 year old may be deleted, so please remove older files.  
Temporary/scratch storage is free, but purged regularly and not backed-up.
We request that all users regularly back-up their data on their local servers. Home directories are backed-up on a RAID file server, but the MCCF is not responsible for any data loss due to equipment failure. Alternate backup/transfer options can be arranged at consultation fee rate (see A3).

5: Machine Hosting/Administration Fees

$10 per month, no Administration
We provide the space, power, cooling, and network access to your machine located in the MCCF server room (very limited space is available).


If you have questions about our user fees please contact us.