Fee Structure

Fee (Self)* Fee (Staff)** Fee (Robot Only)***
Gryphon robot setup- 96 well crystal screen $40/plate $50/plate $20/plate
Gryphon robot setup- 96 well additive screen $55/plate $75/plate $20/plate
24 well crystallization plate $25/plate $40/plate N/A
Project-specific consumables Billed at cost per item
X-Ray Diffraction
Fee (Self) Fee (Staff)
In-house Micro-max 007 beamtime $10/hour $55/hour
Synchrotron data collection at Synchrotron

$150 set up fee + $15 per sample

(Fee includes LN2, puck, pin, and shipping)

Data Analysis & Structure Determination
Staff Time $45/hour
*Fee includes: crystallization plate, reagents, and consumables
**Fee includes: staff time in addition to crystallization plate, reagents, and consumables
***Robot charge is for users who only need to use the crystallization robot, and supply their own reagents and crystallization plate

Small Molecule X-Ray Structure Determination


Fee (academic self)

Fee (academic staff)

Fee (non-academic)

Project Specific Consumables

no charge billed at cost per item

Unit Cell Determination

no charge no charge
Training (staff time) no charge


N/A (non-academic)

Liquid Nitrogen $20/structure $20/structure
Data Collection $20/structure


$45/structure (non-academic)

Data Workup no charge


$85/structure (non-academic)

Color 3D printed crystal structures (all sizes are approximate and of the largest dimension).

Prices include post-processing with Colorbond:

Small (1.5 inches) $40
Medium (2.5 inches, recommended) $60
Large (4 inches) $100
Custom coloring $5

Protein Expression & Purification

Materials ($) Staff time ($)
Bacterial Expression
TB media/L $50 $150*
LB agar plate $5
LB media/L $35
Bacmid Preparation
Bacmid plate $10 $60
PCR $25
Midi prep $65
High-titer virus production
Virus P1 transfection + P2 $250 $90
P3 virus 250mL $250 $30
Insect Cell Protein Expression
Hi5 or sf9 cell (1L) $125/L $60*
Western blot $150 $90
Protein Purification




Multi-step $350 $800
* 2-liter prep cost basis
**A two-step purification typically includes one affinity chromatography step and one size exclusion chromatography step. Multi-step purification may include ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction or other types of chromatography, as needed.

Instrument Use

Instrument UM Non-UM
Self Staff
Isothermal Calorimetry (VP-ITC) $100/4 hours $200/4 hours $600/4 hours
Circular Dichroism (Jasco 810) $50/4 hours $100/4 hours $300/4 hours
AKTA-FPLC $50/4 hours $100/4 hours $300/4 hours
AKTA-Pure 25L* $200/4 hours $600/4 hours
FPLC-MALS-RI (TREOSII/Optilab)* $200/4 hours $600/4 hours
Biacore X100* $400/day $1200/day
Scorpion (Art Robbins)* $200/4 hours $600/4 hours
* Equipment is operated by core personnel only.


  • Contracted usage/per year (half price for 20 or more usages/year and quarter price for 100 or more usages/year). PI should decide how many usages they will pay in advance.
  • Any repair costs due to self-usage damage will be charged to the PI.