CBSD Awards New Pilot Project and Junior Investigator Leaders

New Pilot Projects and Junior Investigators

Richard Bridges (Molecular Specificity of System Xc- Substrates), Kasper Hansen (Resolving the subunit composition of NMDA receptors in live cells), Christopher Palmer (Nanodisc Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis: Characterizing binding to lipid bilayers), Monica Serban (The interplay between the silk fibroin (SF) protein structure and its adhesive properties), and Ekaterina Voronina (Dissecting the determinants of phase separation and function of stem cell regulator FBF-2) were recently awarded competitive pilot project funding through the CBSD. To date, CBSD has awarded 18 pilot projects.

Travis Wheeler have been awarded a three-year grant as a CBSD-CoBRE project investigator support and Patrick Secor, a new faculty member in the Division of Biological Sciences, will receive substantial startup funding from the CBSD-CoBRE award. Dr. Secor is the sixth faculty member recruited to University of Montana departments over the past six years with startup support from the CBSD.