May 2018 Hot Water Workshop Registration Open

Hot Water Grant Review Workshop - May 5-6, 2018 at Fairmont Hot Springs. Register by March 28!

It is time to sign up for the 13th semi-annual Hot Water Grant Review Workshop at Fairmont Hot Springs! The Hot Water Grant Review Workshop will be held May 5-6, 2018.

Due to a high demand, please register as soon as you can make a commitment. Last minute cancellations cause unnecessary chaos; please register if you are committed to attending. Registration will close once 13 proposals are registered OR on Wednesday, March 28 at 12 p.m. (NOON), whichever comes first. To sign up, please provide the following through a Google Registration form:

  1. Type of submission: full draft proposal (new/re-submission/revision); specific aims/background; You are very welcome to register as a as a reviewer only, in which case we are grateful for your generosity in service to your colleagues!
  2. Type of application: R01, R21, R15, NSF or other
  3. Title/Topic area of proposal and be as specific as possible so that we can properly assign reviewers to your grant proposal. Efforts will be made to match reviewers and writers with similar expertise. However, this is only possible if participants provide a title by the 28th of March.

Participants at the Hot Water Workshop reviews offer and receive supportive and critical feedback of each other’s grant proposals. The goal of this workshop is to provide valuable feedback to grant writers, to improve their proposals just in time for the NIH R01/R21/R15 due dates in May and June. The venue is Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, over a two-day period. Faculty who do not have proposals to submit, but would be willing to provide critiques as a reviewer only are very welcome to attend.

Contact Sara Jestrab with questions.