News: We are growing!

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In the last issue of the CBSD Quarterly Courier, we noted there was an exciting announcement for our community. Well, the wait is over! We are thrilled to share with you that the Integrated Structural Biology Core (ISBC) is growing!

For several years, CBSD has had the goal of creating a biochemistry and tissue culture facility in ISB 015 so that the ISBC will have the capacity to conduct macromolecular expression, purification and biophysical analysis for UM faculty investigators, their students and fellows. The plans (first image included below) have finally come to fruition with the support of the Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship, using IDC cost returns generated from grants submitted through the CBSD. The first phases of construction (second image included below) are underway!

We will continue to provide updates on the construction progress through the quarterly newsletter and this website.

Image of ISB 015 construction plans
ISB 015 construction plans.



Image of ISB 015 construction progress
ISB 015 construction progress.