Featured Core Facility: Mass Spectrometry Core Facility

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It is our pleasure to call attention to the work arising from the CBSD’s Mass Spectrometry Core Facility in this final issue of 2019. During the last year, the burgeoning Mass Spectrometry Core has been busy:

  • Training and consulting new and continuing users;
  • Performing post-translational modifications (PTM) analysis of peptides and proteins;
  • Performing MRM analysis for metabolomics and proteomics studies; and
  • Planning a workshop focused on the LC-MS/MS analyses of Protein Digests!

Over the past year, the Mass Spectrometry Core Manager, Dr. Eric Schultz has spent countless hours making the Core into a more user-friendly environment. Moreover, a new Agilent 1260 quaternary HPLC and workstation with BioConfirm Software have been added to the instrumentation.

Image of Mass Spectrometry Core Facility

As with the other CBSD Facilities, the NIH-CoBRE primarily supports the Mass Spectrometry facility with additional funding provided by the NIH IDeA program INBRE grant that supports infrastructure development in the state of Montana and is directed by Professor Brian Bothner of MSU. To enhance the sustainability of the Core, it has operated as a recharge facility with an established fee structure. Staff and students from individual research laboratories are invited to consult with Dr. Schultz (eric.schultz@umontana.edu) about how the Mass Spectrometry resources can advance their research programs.