Pilot Project Leader Awarded NIH R01 Renewal

Students celebrating graduation

Brent Ryckman, Associate Professor in the Division of Biological Sciences, recently won a renewal of the R01 grant, “HCMV GH/GL Complexes: Distinct Roles for Epithelial Cell Tropism, and Implications for Antibody Neutralization”. Ryckman and his laboratory focus on molecular virology, specifically on research efforts to better understand the complexity of the cytomegalovirus surface proteins and how they mediate infection of different cell types. The preliminary research and subsequent data used in this R01 came from Ryckman’s Pilot Project, funded by CBSD’s National Institutes of General Medical Science IdeA program Center of Biomolecular Research Excellence (CoBRE) Phase I grant. Ryckman also recently published his research in the Journal of Virology.