Xiaobo Wang Receives Predoctoral Fellowship from the American Heart Association

Image of Xiaobo Wang in Yellowstone National Park

Xiaobo Wang received a two-year predoctoral fellowship award from American Heart Association to support her research project “The role of mRNA deadenylation in translational repression during development." Post-transcriptional regulation is important for controlling protein synthesis (translation) in spatial and temporal context. Disruption of post-transcriptional regulation can cause human diseases, including neuronal disease, heart hypertrophy, and infertility. Wang is studying mRNA silencing elicited by the process called deadenylation using a model organism C. elegans. This type of mRNA silencing has been implicated in the prevention of cell death and heart failure.

Wang's research will delineate a new mechanism regulating activation of deadenylation machinery. Wang anticipates that this mechanism involving conserved proteins will also be active in human cells and might provide new targets for therapeutic intervention in related heart diseases.