Current Group Members

Positions available:

We are looking to recruit graduate students and/or postdoctoral researchers starting this fall. Contact Professor Berryman ( for more information.

Orion in lab

Orion Berryman

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Director of Small Molecule X-ray Diffraction

Center for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, MUS Material Science Program

Asia posing

Asia Riel

Post Doctoral Student

PhD Organic Chemistry (University of Montana)
B.S. Chemistry (UW-Eau Claire)
Hobbies: running, hiking, singing
Hometown: Waupun, Wisconsin

Dan posing

Daniel Decato

Doctoral candidate • 7th year

B.S. Chemistry (UW-Eau Claire)
Hobbies: fly fishing, biking, quoting Bane
Hometown: Verona, Wisconsin

Jiyu posing

Jiyu Sun

Doctoral Candidate • 4th year

B.S. Chemistry (Nankai University)
Hobbies: soccer, reading, music
Hometown: Tianjin, China

Eric John in front of ice

Eric John

Doctoral Candidate • 4th year

B.S. Chemistry (UW-Eau Claire)
Hobbies: backpacking, live music, cooking, video games
Hometown: Grafton, Wisconsin

McKenna Skiing

McKenna Wendt

Undergraduate in Biochemistry
Hobbies: skiing, crochetting, cooking, and baking 
Hometown: Butte, Montana

Logan Hiking

Logan Robinette

Undergraduate in Chemistry
Hobbies: PC gaming, camping, baking
Hometown: Milwaukie, Oregon