Faculty and Staff

Robert Yokelson

Robert Yokelson

Research Professor

Office: Science Center 418 (Clapp Building)
Email: bob.yokelson@umontana.edu

Personal Summary

Dr. Yokelson carried out his Ph.D. research with Dr. W. A. Chupka at Yale University studying excited states of O2 by multiphoton laser spectroscopy in tandem with molecular beam mass spectrometry. He carried out postdoctoral studies with A. R. Ravishankara at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Aeronomy Lab ( NOAA ) studying atmospheric photochemistry and kinetics using a variety of time-resolved absorption techniques.

Research Interests

Research Interests - Rationale and Overview

Biomass burning is an important part of the natural ecology of forests and other biomes throughout the world, a crucial component of the agricultural systems that feed much of the world's population, a cost-effective land-management tool, and a source of renewable energy used by about one-half of our planets inhabitants for cooking and heating homes and/or powering industries such as brick kilns. Biomass burning is also a significant source of atmospheric trace gases and particles contributing 20-80% of the total emissions for many important chemical species. These emissions can dominate a region or be heavily mixed with complex urban or biogenic emissions. Uncertainty in the initial characteristics and subsequent transformations of emissions from many sources is a major limiting factor in models of regional-global atmospheric chemistry, radiative transfer, and climate change. The complex mixture of reactive emissions from fires and other sources presents a very challenging measurement problem. To better characterize these emissions, and their transformations, one of our mainstay approaches has been custom-built (frequently updated) measurement systems that capitalize on the ability of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) to measure a wide variety of organic and inorganic reactive and stable compounds in real time. We have an open-path FTIR system for ground-based and laboratory measurements and closed-cell FTIR systems for airborne measurements and highly mobile ground-based measurements (with concurrent canister and filter sampling). Deployment of these instruments in the laboratory and in important fire environments around the globe (Africa, Alaska, Brazil, continental US, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal, etc) is helping us better understand the initial impact of fires, smoke plume evolution, and source apportionment. We are always eager to deploy other new techniques with potential to advance the state-of-knowledge (see below). By purchasing or renting, and collaborating with many other research groups we also generate expanded analytical and scientific (modeling) capability.

Recent projects include the first use of high resolution time of flight chemical ionization mass spectrometry (PTR-TOF-MS) dedicated to biomass burning, which improved our knowledge of the low volatility gases that are readily transformed into aerosol during atmospheric aging. This was part of a large-scale project involving close to 50 scientists from numerous institutions (FLAME-4, Stockwell et al., 2014; 2015). In 2013 we contributed to the NASA SEAC4RS (https://espo.nasa.gov/missions/seac4rs/content/SEAC4RS) and the DOE BBOP (http://campaign.arm.gov/bbop/) large-scale aircraft campaigns, which provided the first comprehensive chemical characterization of US wildfire emissions. In 2015 we deployed FTIR, whole air sampling, filter sampling, and photoacoustic extinctiometers on important combustion sources that were previously only sampled minimally. This quantified dozens of important gases, black and brown carbon, etc for sources including: peat fires in Indonesia and cooking and crop residue fires, garbage burning, brick kilns, poorly tuned motorcycles, diesel generators, etc in Nepal. The Nepal Air Monitoring and Source Testing Experiment (NAMASTE) had many US and international partners, a fixed supersite in Kathmandu, a modeling component, and a goal of supporting mitigation strategies for air quality in Asia and the developing world. Our Indonesian project includes collaborative work on long-term peatland hydrology, LIDAR overflights and other fuel consumption measurements, fire scene investigations, and peat chemistry.

Our group is a primary provider of data and frequent updates for an NCAR website that provides emission factors for different types of global biomass burning, daily gridded fire emissions at 1 km resolution, and globally gridded garbage burning emissions (http://bai.acd.ucar.edu/Data/fire/).

research group

September 2015 group “photo” L>R: Markus Müller (postdoc), Chelsea Stockwell (graduate student), Ted Christian (scientific staff), Vanessa Selimovic (graduate student).

Research Results

2009-2012 Field Measurements in US (to be updated here).

Informal captioned photo galleries for these missions are up on my Facebook page.

2012 FLAME-4 measurements of biomass burning emissions with advanced instrumentation

2011 South Carolina Regional Emissions and Aging Measurements (SCREAM)

2010 Arizona

2010 North Carolina

2009: San Luis Obispo Biomass Burning experiment (SLOBB)

Below are links to completed projects: the first link in each row leads to a written summary of the project (with links to non-technical, captioned photo galleries). The second link in each row goes direct to the captioned photo gallery

2006-7 Field Measurements in México - view photo gallery
2004 Field Measurements in Brazil - The Tropical Forest and Fire Emissions Experiment (TROFFEE) - view photo gallery
2003 Laboratory Instrument Intercomparison with NCAR
2001 Laboratory Instrument Intercomparison with Max Planck Institute and UC Irvine - view photo gallery
2000 Field Measurements in Southern Africa (SAFARI 2000) - view photo gallery
1999 Measurements of Residual Smoldering Combustion (RSC) in Oregon - view photo gallery
1997 Field Measurements in Alaska and North Carolina

R. J. Yokelson - Links of Interest

Selected Publications

H-index: 41, 35 (Google Scholar, ResearcherID: C-9971-2011). Papers in preparation include: Yellowstone geothermal emissions; US fire emissions, plume evolution, and modeling; instrument comparisons, and historically undersampled Asian combustion sources measured in 2012-2015.

76) Carrico, C., Prenni, A., Kreidenweis, S., Levin, E., McCluskey, C., DeMott, P., McMeeking, G., Nakao, S., Stockwell, C. and Yokelson, R. J.: Rapidly evolving ultrafine and fine mode biomass smoke physical properties: Comparing laboratory and field results, submitted to J. Geophys. Res., 2015JD024389, 2015. 

75) Toon, O., Maring, H., Dibb, J., Ferrare, R., Jacob, D., Jensen, E., Luo, Z., Mace, G., Pan, L., Pfister, L., Rosenlof, K., Redemann, J., Reid, J. S., Singh, H., Yokelson, R. J., Minnis, P., Chen, G. Jucks, K., and Pszenny, A.: Studies of emissions and atmospheric composition, clouds and climate coupling by regional surveys, 2013 (SEAC4RS), submitted to J. Geophys. Res., 2015JD024297, 2015.

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73) May, A. A., Lee, T., McMeeking, G. R., Akagi, S., Sullivan, A. P., Urbanski, S., Yokelson, R. J., and Kreidenweis, S. M.: Observations and analysis of organic aerosol evolution in some prescribed fire smoke plumes, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 6323-6335, doi:10.5194/acp-15-6323-2015, 2015.

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70) Hatch, L. E., Luo, W., Pankow, J. F., Yokelson, R. J., Stockwell, C. E., and Barsanti, K. C.: Identification and quantification of gaseous organic compounds emitted from biomass burning using two-dimensional gas chromatography–time-of-flight mass spectrometry, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 1865-1899, doi:10.5194/acp-15-1865-2015, 2015.

69) Stockwell, C. E., Veres, P. R., Williams, J., and Yokelson, R. J.: Characterization of biomass burning emissions from cooking fires, peat, crop residue, and other fuels with high-resolution proton-transfer-reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometry, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 845-865, doi:10.5194/acp-15-845-2015, 2015.

68) Xiao, Q., Saikawa, E., Yokelson, R. J., Chen, P., Li, C., and Kang, S.: Indoor air pollution from burning yak dung as a household fuel in Tibet, Atmos. Environ., 102, 406-412, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2014.11.060, 2015.

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