German Gulch - Silver Bow County

In the late 19th century, hundreds of Chinese immigrants came to German Gulch and established a small community that included a store and numerous homes. In 1988-1989, GCM Inc., a Cultural Resource Management firm out of Butte excavated portions of German Gulch's Chinese community during a project to widen the road to a mining property. Through this excavation, GCM archaeologists discovered hundreds of artifacts that once belonged to the resident Chinese. This collection is by far the most significant archaeological assemblage from a rural Chinese community in Montana, and warrants reanalysis.

Chinese Artifacts
Chinese Artifacts from German Gulch

Artifact Catalogs:

Locality 9
Locality 18
Locality 19: 1988
Locality 19: 1989
Locality 30: 1988
Locality 30: 1989
Locality 48: 1988
Locality 48: 1989