CoLang 2020 Themes

  • Language Reclamation
  • Native Perspectives
  • Indigenous Language Pedagogy
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Technology
CoLang 2020 aims to increase Indigenous community participation. To meet this goal and address the themes above, the organizing committee are conducting activities in collaboration.

Collaborative Language Planning Project (CLPP)

Documentation of CLPP can be found in ScholarWorks at University of Montana. Among these documentation files, the second report includes findings of community needs from an onsite workshop conducted at Chief Dull Knife College in November 2018. 


Co-director of CoLang 2020 Mizuki Miyashita participated in the workshop of Natives4Linguistics in order to enhance the theme of "Language Reclamation" and "Native Perspectives." More information and the activities of the Natives4Linguistics project can be found on their website.  

CoLang Spirit

As part of participating in the Natives4Linguistics project, the co-director of CoLang 2020 presented a talk on "Multilateral Collaboration Toward CoLang 2020" in the panel session Natives4Linguistics Sharing Our Findings Symposium at 2019 Linguistics Society of America (LSA) annual meeting and at the Symposium for American Indian Languages (SAIL)/AILDI Conference at the University of Arizona. The presentation touches on CoLang Sprit which is an ongoing goals to reach balanced, ethical, community-based research and language activities. Write-up of the presentation at 2019 LSA is available for a view.

CoLang 2020 Launch Video