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Professor Steve Yoshimura led the first ever COMX 493- Study Abroad: Expression of Human Strength and Virtues class. Communication students and their peers were given the opportunity during the summer of 2019 to travel to Budapest, Krakow, Prague and Vienna after a semester of studying the cultures and customs of the cities. 
Dr. Phyllis Ngai is currently teaching the study abroad class COMX 492- Hong Kong, Macau, & China: Communication, Culture, & Development. Students will have to opportunity to travel to these locations during an 11 day spring break excursion.

The Communication Department is so excited to explore more study abroad opportunities with our students!

Congratulations to the winners of our Last Best Speaker competition!  Pictured here are top awardees Grace Erba (persuasive speech: Social Media and Public Lands) and Danara Greer (informative speech: U.S. Incarceration Rates) along with the talented semi-finalists: Holly Sudol, Kylie Hoedel, Gair Pearson, and Ryn Rosenoff.

Happy Friday everyone!! I am introducing the amazing @mickvandenbos, our COMX student spotlight of November!! Mick plans to graduate fall of 2020. 
A fun fact about Mick is that he lived in Amsterdam for 3 months this past summer. Mick’s family is from the Netherlands and he actually speaks Dutch at home.  Here, Mick was doing an internship during the duration of his stay. Mick said this internships “was a lot of fun because I got to meet people from all over the world!” Mick decided to be a COMX major his sophomore year. Mick thought COMX was something he could relate to and it seemed to fit well with his interests. 
Outside of school Mick enjoys skiing in the winter, going on hikes, traveling and spending time with family during the holidays. 
When asked why students should choose COMX as their major, Mick said “COMX is quite broad and allows you to find a field that you’re passionate about surrounded by people who wish to support you and help you reach your goals.” Mick’s favorite COMX class has been COMX Consulting and Training.
After graduation, Mick would like to stay and work in Missoula, but said things can definitely change between now and then.

Thank you Mick!! #umtcomx #universityofmontana

The COMX pumpkin carving party was a smashing success! 
Thank you to all those who participated and thank you to Lambda Pi Eta for sponsoring this event. 
Our @mslafresh pumpkins were wonderful!
Congratulations to @sofie_mascola for winning the contest with her lighthouse  pumpkin 🎃! The @bigdippermissoula gift card is all yours!

See ya’ll tomorrow starting at 6p.m. in LA 102 for the Communication Pumpkin Carving Party. 
Can you believe this many pumpkins fit in that trunk?? Me neither. 
Thank you @mslafresh for helping source these pumpkins and @bigdippermissoula for providing the prize for the best pumpkin. 
Let’s give them “pumpkin” to talk about 🎃👻 #umtcomx #universityofmontana

Happy Wednesday everyone! It is my pleasure to announce a great COMX Studies Alumnae Spotlight, Jennifer Rose Harper. 
Jennifer graduated from the Communication Department at the University of Montana in 1996, having studied Organizational Communication. 
As of today, Jennifer is the Chief Collaborator and owner of Vita Nova Marketing Group (@vitanovamarketing) here in Missoula. 
Jennifer has worked in marketing for an astonishing 27 years! 
Jennifer is a successful alumni of the Communication Department who works everyday to “create sustainable jobs with living wages throughout Western Montana while sharing entrepreneurs’ stories, passions, and products with the world.” When asked about her “job”, Jennifer states, “I don’t have a job.” Jennifer loves what she does and uses the skills she learned from her Communication classes in her profession. 
For all those seniors graduating this year, Jennifer advises to “identify the difference you to make in the world and follow your passion!” Jennifer Harper, thank you so much for being featured on the COMX Studies Instagram page as an Alumnae Spotlight. Communication Studies is proud to have you as an alumni! 
#umtcomx #universityofmontana