Teaching Assistantships

Applicants may request consideration for a graduate teaching assistant (TA) position in the online application. TAs typically teach COMX 111, Introduction to Public Speaking, and may also have opportunities to assist in COMX 115, Introduction to Interpersonal Communication, or other introductory courses. TA's receive a tuition waiver and a monthly stipend, and they pay their university fees at the Montana resident rate regardless of residence status. Occasionally, supplemental teaching opportunities (such as summer courses) may be available.

TA's receive a significant amount of training and development in our program. New and returning TA's participate in a multi-day orientation prior to the beginning of the Fall Semester. Then, they meet weekly during the academic year with faculty course directors who provide pedagogical training specific to the courses that you will teach. Our alumni report that their TA experience at UM gave them transferable skills for all kinds of workplace situations and a real advantage when applying to Ph.D. programs.

Teaching Assistantships are competitive. To have priority consideration for a TA, you should submit your application so that it is recieved by February 1. TA offers must be accepted by April 15.