Teaching Assistantships

Applicants may request consideration for a graduate teaching assistant (TA) position in the electronic application.  TAs instruct one of two introductory undergraduate courses (either COMX 111, Introduction to Public Speaking or COMX 115, Introduction to Interpersonal Communication).  In exchange, they receive a tuition waiver, an additional stipend, and they pay their university fees at the Montana resident rate, regardless of residence status.  Occasionally, alternative or supplemental teaching opportunities are available.

TA's are perceived as "teachers in training" and hold a unique place in the Communication Studies Department. Each year, our 12 TAs teach multi-section, introductory courses that meet general education requirements for hundreds of students on campus. The contact of TAs with freshmen and sophomores is important because it often leads to recruiting new majors and because TAs act as departmental representatives to students in other majors.  A TAs unique place in the department impacts your graduate studies as well.  TAs are closely monitored by course directors, learn how to be teacher-scholars, and manage academic careers.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships are highly competitive. To be considered for a TA, you should submit your application so that it is RECEIVED by February 1.  You must accept a TA offer by April 15, so all incoming students will be notified of their award by that time.  Students may apply for TAs at other times during the year, but the availability of additional positions depends on available funding and qualifications.