News 2016


Grace Arenas (second year MFA) has two poems - "Room of rind and pith" and "The Maple Tree Sketches" – that are forthcoming from Pretty Owl Poetry. 

Liana Iman (first year MFA) was given Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train’s Very Short Fiction contest for “Coda: Four Boys.”

Laurel Nakanishi (MFA 2012) has an essay in Orion, “A Private Wild: Out beyond male and female, gay and straight, there are no mountains”

Philip Schaefer’s (MFA 2014) “Ode” is in Sundog Lit.

Adam Lambert (MFA 2015) is a copywriter with Cornett Advertising Agency in Lexington, KY.

Thomas Mitchell’s (MFA 1978) poem “Harvest,” from his new collection with Lost Horse Press, is on Verse Daily.

Kevin Canty’s “The Florida Hotel,” published in Granta, was included in the list of “Distinguished Stories” in Best American Short Stories of 2016.

Caylin Capra-Thomas's poem, "I Don't Know What People Should Do," was selected as the winner of the Louisville Literary Arts Association's 2016 Writer's Block Prize for Poetry. She will receive $500 and publication in The Louisville Review. She also has two poems, "Like Kanye Rapping About Kanye Rapping About Kanye" and "A Pilgrim Is a Foreigner" in the current issue of Salt Hill and poems in the current issues of Salamander and Quarterly West.

Ryan Bell (MFA 2014) has a piece about a baseball field being turned into a garden in Whitefish, MT – “Field of Dreams, but in reverse.”

Ed Skoog’s (MFA 1996) poem “Hurry” was in the New York Times

Josh Fomon’s (MFA 2013) “Though We Bled Meticulously” has been reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly

Alice Bolin’s (MFA 2011) Dead Girls, pitched in the tradition of Roxane Gay and Joan Didion, is an eclectic essay collection about the female body as a medium for storytelling. The essays encompass murder, genre, Hollywood, and the American West, from Twin Peaks and Ted Bundy to Britney Spears and The Big Lebowski. Bolin's debut collection will be published by Morrow/Harper Collins in 2018.

Beth Hunter McHugh (MFA 2009) won a 2016 High Plains Book Award for her debut novel, “The Actor.”

Sharma Shields’ (MFA 2012) The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac won the 2016 Washington State Book Award. 

S.M. Hulse (BA 2006) picked up her Reading the West Book Award this last weekend for her novel Black River – which was also a 2016 PEN/Hemingway Finalist AND a 2016 American Library Association Notable Book. 

Lauren Ward’s (third year MFA) story, "Received," is forthcoming in Gulf Stream Magazine.

Laurel Nakanishi (MFA 2012) is doing amazing work with middle schools and detention centers in Florida.

Henrietta Goodman’s (MFA 1994) sonnet sequence, All That Held Them, has won the John Ciardi Prize from BkMk Press and will be published in 2017.

Debra Magpie Earling’s Honoring Ceremony as the first Native American Director of Creative Writing was covered by MTPR and the Missoulian.  

Renee Branum’s (first year MFA) essay about cigarettes is in Fields, issue 6.

Stephanie Pushaw (second year MFA) published a piece in the Los Angeles Review of Books – “The Promise of Sex.”

Prageeta Sharma's "Glacier National Park and the Elegy" was featured on

Philip Schaefer’s (MFA 2014) first collection of poetry, Bad Summon, has won the Agha Shahid Ali poetry prize and will be published by University of Utah in spring 2017. David Baker selected these poems because of their “constant surprise…peril, heartbreak, catastrophe, sorrow, genuine soulfulness.”

Diana Xin’s (MFA  2014) "Last Night with the Brothers K" was selected as one of Narrative's Top 5 stories of the 2015-2016. She has a short story forthcoming in PANK. Her essay, "My Sister and I," won Beecher's magazine 2016 prize in creative nonfiction.

Mackenzie Cole (MFA 2012) has a poem in the same issue of Beecher.

Andrew Martin’s (MFA 2013) story, “No Cops,” is in the Paris Review.

Elisabeth Geier (MFA 2011) has a review of “Walking and Talking” on

Stephanie K. Land (BA 2014) will publish her memoir, Maid: A Single Mother’s Journey from Cleaning House to Finding Home with Hachette Books. This book deal comes exactly 11 months after her Vox essay on cleaning houses went viral.

Sheila Black’s (MFA 1998) “Passing My Disability On to My Children” was in The Opinion pages of the New York Times, Sept. 7.

The Visiting Kittredge Writer for Fall 2016, Catherine Lacey, won a Whiting Award.


Chris Dombrowski's (MFA 2001) memoir Body of Water has been blurbed by Jim Harrison and is forthcoming from Milkweed (October 2016).

Alice Bolin's (MFA 2011) essay, "The Best Revenge is Your Paper": Notes on Women's Work" is published in Los Angeles Review of Books. 

Steven Rinella's (MFA 2000) article "The Problem with Protecting Grizzly Bears," was published in the New York Times.

Jeff Whitney's (MFA 2012) poem, "Boiled Noise," was published in Narrative.

Rachel Mindell (MFA/MA 2015) has a piece about traveling in the west paired with a Gregory Pardlo poem for Reflections West.

Jeanie Riess (first year MFA) has been hired by the New Yorker.

Sara Pevar (MFA 2010) has been writing book reports for adults. Her latest is on The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao.

Kj Kern’s (first year MFA) story, "Funeral Potatoes," won this year's Big Snowy Prize for Fiction. The story was published in the summer issue of Montana Quarterly along with Tess Fahlgren's (BA 2015) nonfiction piece which won the Big Snowy Prize for Nonfiction. 

Stephanie K. Land's (BA 2014) article for the Economic Hardship Reporting Project was published in the New York Times.

Christopher Murray (BA 1994) and Carmen Hoover (MFA 1995) were in town for the Stand Up Stella reunion concert.

Khaty Xiong's (MFA 2013) "After We Hid Your Body I Climbed Into Rain" has been published in Glass: A Journal of Poetry. Xiong is a 2016 recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award. Her first collection of poetry, Poor Anima, was recently reviewed by Entropy.

Jon Bachmann (MFA 2013) has a poem forthcoming in Whiskey Island.

William Finnegan (MFA 1978), winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Biography/Autobiography, read at Shakespeare & Co.

S.M. Hulse's (BA 2006) Black River has won the 2015 Reading the West Book Awards for fiction, awarded by the Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association.

William Russell Wallace's (MFA 2016) nonfiction piece, "Living Right" has been published in carte blanche.

Justin Boening’s (BA 2007) debut collection of poems, Not on the Last Day, But on the Very Last (Milkweed Editions, 2016), was selected for the National Poetry Series by Wayne Miller. John Ashberry calls it "A stunning achievement."


Kim Covill’s (MFA/MA 2016) essay "The Witching" is forthcoming in the summer issue of the Whitefish Review.

Caylin Capra-Thomas (MFA 2015) has five poems titled "Uncertainty Principle" in the Spring / Summer issue of Ninth Letter. Other poems are forthcoming in Salamander, Salt Hill, and Quarterly West. 

Kristen Gleason (MFA 2009) was selected as a 2016 Emerging Writer Fellow through A Public Space.

Congratulations to our MFA scholarship recipients for next year – Zachary Raasch (Alice Passano Hancock Davidson Scholarship), Sarah Aronson (The Husted-Jones Scholarship), Rebecca Durham (Goedicke/Robinson Scholarship), Hamish Rickett (A.B. Guthrie Memorial Fund), and Nate Duke, Brian Groh & Stephanie Pushaw (Bertha Morton Scholarship). Sarah Aronson will also be the undergraduate RA, working with Robert Stubblefield on Montana Writers Live! and The Oval.

Congratulations also to second year MFA students Roland Jackson & Alana Trumpy, winners of the Nettie Werber Scholarship, and Sierra Jacob, winner of the Greta Wrolstad Travel Award.

Jolene Brink (second year MFA) will have a solo exhibit at the FrontierSpace in August 2016. The exhibit "Atmospheric Ecologies" will incorporate her poetry thesis and a series of "transparency" prints exploring ideas around accumulation. 

Hannah Withers (second year MFA) received the fiction/nonfiction fellowship from Idyllwild Arts for writers’ week.  She was also accepted to the Tin House summer fiction workshop.

Lauren Ward's (second year MFA) story "Kill Buyer" was published in the June issue of the Nottingham Review.

HarperCollins will publish Alice Bolin’s (MFA 2011) book of essays, Dead Girls, in 2018.

Eve Kenneally (second year MFA) has poems forthcoming from Spilled Milk and VAYAVYA.

Rebecca Durham (first year MFA) has an essay published online in Superstition Review  (Issue 17). Also, Eve Kenneally (second year MFA) wrote about Durham as a “Bio-Gypsy” for the Missoula Valley Lifestyle Magazine.

Alicia Bones' (second year MFA) story, "Backscratchers," was published in Necessary Fiction.

Ryan Bell’s (MFA 2014) latest post from Russia for National Geographic includes a reference to Leo Tolstoy and vegetarian cooking

Amy Ratto Parks (MFA 2004) won the 2016 Phi Beta Kappa Arts & Sciences Poetry Contest.

Alicia Mountain (MFA 2015) was accepted into the creative writing PhD program at the University of Denver and will begin as a doctoral candidate in the fall.

K.J. Kern’s (first year MFA) story, "Funeral Potatoes," won this year's Big Snowy Contest ($500). The story will be published in the summer issue of Montana Quarterly.

B.J. Soloy (MFA/MA 2014) has new work in Tender-loin, DIAGRAM and Verse.

Ted McDermott's (MFA 2011) novel, The Minor Outsider, is called "absurdly impressive" by the Irish Times

Josh Fomon's (MFA 2013) first poetry collection, Though We Bled Meticulously, was published by Black Ocean.

Joshua Corey (MFA 1999) and Sarah Gridley (MFA 2000) returned to University of Montana to give a poetry reading and answer current students' questions about publishing, teaching and writing.

Stephanie Land (BA 2014) was featured on the front page of the Missoulian as "Monday's Montanan."

William Finnegan (MFA 1978) won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography/Autobiography with "Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life."

Kevin Canty’s story, “God’s Work,” was in the April 4 issue of the New Yorker, and an interview with Canty was in the March 28 issue.

Robert Stubblefield’s essay "Wrecks and Shells" was published in Southern Humanities Review.

Lehua M. Taitano (MFA 2010) was a featured poet in Kuwentuhan (Talkstory), a poetry project produced by Barbara Jane Reyes and The Poetry Center at San Francisco State University. She also has a chapbook of poetry, Sonoma, published with Drop Leaf Press (May, 2016). Her poem, "One Kind of Hunger" is forthcoming from Poetry Magazine, via the Poetry Foundation. Her short story, "Makana," was recently published with the University of Iowa's International Writing Program's Narrative Witness, featuring indigenous writers from North America and Australia.

First year MFA students Nate Duke, Brian Groh and Stephanie Pushaw were selected by the Graduate Council for prestigious Bertha Morton Scholarships.

Fiction alum, Emma Torzs (MFA 2012), read and answered questions for The Oval students.

Open Country Press, created by Natalie Peeterse (MFA 2002) and Henrietta Goodman (MFA 1994), released Verde Que Te Quiero Verde: Poems after Federico Garcia Lorca.

Rachel Mindell (MFA/MA 2015) was featured in the Missoula Independent as the Director of the Montana Book Festival/poet. 

Caitlin MacDougall's (MFA 2015) essay "The Mountains and the Men" was published in Yemassee. 

Alicia Mountain (MFA '15) and Jeff Whitney (MFA '13?) each have a poem in the Spring 2016 issue of the Colorado Review.

Brandon Shimoda (MFA 2006) won the 2016 William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America for Evening Oracle.

Catherine Lacey, Kittredge Writer for Fall 2016, was selected for a Whiting Award

David Gates reviewed Jim Harrison's novella The Ancient Minstrel in the New York Times Book Review

The Creative Writing Program held a one day conference in March called Writing @ Work, featuring agents, bloggers, editors, entrepreneurs, freelance journalists and screenwriters. Many creative writing alumni served as panelists - Alice Bolin (MFA 2011), Dan Brooks (MFA 2006), Asta So (MFA 2014), Caitlin Stainken (MFA 2014), and Ken White (MFA 2000).

Sharman Apt Russell (MFA 1980) was awarded The John Burroughs Medal for distinguished natural history writing.

Grace Arenas (first year MFA) has two poems forthcoming in Kentucky Review.

Aaron Shulman (MFA 2009) sold the proposal for his non-fiction narrative history of the Paneros of Spain, a family of brilliant, strange poets, to Ecco/HarperCollins. The book grew out of this essay published in The Believer.

Caylin Capra-Thomas' (MFA 2015) nonfiction essay, "Three Things I Remember about Lady Chatterley's Lover" was selected by Matthew Gavin Frank as the winner of Yemassee's 2016 Nonfiction Prize. She will receive $500 and her first nonfiction publication in the next issue.

Kate Barrett (first year MFA) was selected as the new CutBank Editor for 2016-17.

Kaley Schumaker (undergraduate poet) was selected for the Fishtrap Scholarship, summer 2016.

Philip Schaefer (MFA 2014) won the Meridian Poetry Prize ($1000) for a poem that's an elegy for CD Wright. 

Horatio Potter’s (MFA 2005) “Love Machine” was a finalist for Narrative. He has also had work selected as a finalist in Glimmer Train and an honorable mention at Manchester Review.

Francis Davis' (MFA 1996) short story collection Why Don't You Kill Me? was named a semifinalist for the 2016 Katherine Anne Porter Short Fiction Prize by the University of North Texas Press and a finalist for the 2015 Permafrost Book Prize in Fiction from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Alida Dean's (second year MFA) manuscript, "Stopping Places," was selected for the Merriam-Frontier Award.

Kaylen Mallard’s (MFA 2013) "A Study of Three Usual Birds" was published in Gulf Stream edition and "A Perfect Replica of Itself" is in this edition of Barnstorm. 

Tess Fahlgren's (BA 2015) review of Annick Smith’s “Crossing the Plains with Bruno” was published in the Missoulian.

Mandy Smoker Broaddus (MFA 2003) was appointed by Barack Obama to the National Advisory Council on Indian Education.

Zachary Raasch’s (first year MFA) book review of Go Set a Watchman was published in The Hopkins Review

Karin Schalm’s (MFA 1996) poems “The Generalist” and “The Apprentice to Last Century Calls me on the Phone” were published in Neworld Review

Alicia Mountain (MFA 2015), Jon Davis (MFA 1985), and Kevin Goodan (BA 1997) published poems in the "Sports" edition of Prairie Schooner

Sierra Jacob (second year MFA) has poems published and forthcoming in Cream City Review, Santa Ana River Review, Pacifica Literary Review, Sweet Tree Review, Compose Journal, Stirring: A Literary Collectionand Hawai'i Pacific Review. 

Caylin Capra-Thomas' (MFA 2015) poems, "Caveat" and "Husbandry," are in the Winter 2016 issue of The Journal. Her poem, "Friends Long Absent Are Coming Back to You" is in the Winter 2016 issue of Portland Review.

Rebecca Durham's (first year MFA) essay, "Unconformities," will be published in Superstition Review.  

Robert Stubblefield's essay "Wrecks and Shells" will appear in Volume 49.3 of Southern Humanities Review, due out in early-March.

Hannah Withers’ story "Worker" was accepted by Barely South Review for publication in their spring issue in March.

Alicia Mountain's (MFA 2015) poem, "Southpaw Skin the Gloves" is in the winter issue of Prairie Schooner. It's a sports themed issue which was guest-edited by Natalie Diaz. She also has two poems in the most recent issue of LIT.

Rachel Richardson's prose piece "Aubade: Divorce" will be published in the “We Don't Know and They Won't Tell Us” section of Storyscape.

Julie Rouse's (MFA 2014) chapbook, Boy, has been released by Dulcet: Dancing Girl Press & Studio. 

Dana Fitz Gale’s (MFA 2013) Spells for Victory and Courage is the winner of the 2015 Brighthorse Prize in Short Fiction.

Chad Dundas' Champion of the World and Amanda Eyre Ward's (MFA 1997) The Nearness of You are featured on the LitHub "Buzz Books 2016" list.

Megan Kruse's (MFA 2010) Call Me Home was selected for a 2016 Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (PNBA) Award. She was also selected by the National Book Foundation as one of "5 under 35."

Stephanie Land's (BA 2014) "Dating as a single mom: I want to but I can't" was published in the Washington Post.

Karen Volkman's new poetry collection Whereso was featured on NPR as one of the books to look for in 2016.

William Wallace’s "A Love Story for Marie, All High at Palominos" has been accepted for publication at Carve Magazine and will be in the Spring issue.

Emma Torzs' (MFA 2012) story, "The Wall," is the winner of the 2015 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors' Prize from the Missouri Review. The contest received over 3100 entries.

Spencer Ruchti (BA 2016), Jeff Gailus (third year MFA), Alana Trumpy (second year MFA), Jolene Brink (second year MFA) and Sarah Aronson (first year MFA) were all selected to be Ridge Scholars by the Institute of Health and Humanities. Ridge Scholarships are funded by an endowment given by an anonymous donor and are designed to foster research projects at the intersection of health and/or healthcare and the Humanities.

Brandon Shimoda's (MFA 2006) Evening Oracle was selected by Literary Hub as a "best of 2015" poetry collection.

Deirdre McNamer and Heather Cahoon (MFA 2001) were both selected by the Montana Arts Council for a 2015 Artist's Innovation Award

David Gates' novella and collection of stories, A Hand Reached Down to Guide Me was selected by the New Yorker as a Best Book of 2015. 

S.M. Hulse's (BA 2006) debut novel Black River was selected by The Seattle Times as a Best Book of 2015.

Jolene Brink's (second year MFA) essay about her experience teaching Claudia Rankin's “Citizen” in her undergraduate poetry workshop is forthcoming from the Southern Humanities Review.

Diana Xin’s (MFA 2014) story “Last Night with the Brothers K” was featured in Narrative  

Eve Kenneally’s (second year MFA) poem "Lolita On OKCupid" is forthcoming from Yemassee and "Another Dead Girl Manifesto" and "Warning" are forthcoming from Cloud Rodeo.

Prageeta Sharma's piece about Dale Edwin Sherrard was published in “Harriet” – the Poetry Foundation blog.

Stephanie Land's (BA 2014) article “Learning to Walk Alone” was published in the New York Times. 

BJ Soloy's (MFA/MA 2015) poems were published in Verse.

JP Kemmick (MFA 2015) interviewed Portland comic book creators Joe Keatinge and Leile Del Duca 

Rachel May (MFA 2005) published a new novel with Alleyway Books – The Benedictines. Tim O’Brien says, “The Benedictines is a taut, vivid, spellbinding, and gracefully written novel.”

Kevin Goodan's (BA 1997) new poetry collection, Let the Voices was published with Red Hen Press.

The New School hosted a tribute reading for the late and beloved James Tate on February 4th in New York, NY. Readers included Wave authors Michael Earl Craig (BA 1994), Dorothea Lasky, Gillian Conoley, and editor-at-large Matthew Zapruder, plus John Ashbery, Jorie Graham, Matthea Harvey, Yusef Komunyakaa, Emily Pettit, Guy Pettit, Srikanth Reddy, Charles Simic, Arisa White, Charles Wright, and Dean Young.

Stefan Olson's "Ride to Remember" was published in the February issue of the Cardiff Review. 

Torin Jensen (BA) had his chapbook Phase Sponge [  ] The Keep published with Solar Luxuriance.

Richard Fifield's (BA 1998) "The Flood Girls" was published by Simon & Schuster.

Alicia Mountain's (MFA 2015) thesis manuscript, "High Ground Coward," was a semi-finalist for the 2015 St. Lawrence Book Award from Black Lawrence Press.

Brett Puryear’s (MFA 2015) stories "Acolytes" and "Saved" are forthcoming in the Iowa Review and Fiddleblack.

Karin Schalm, Henrietta Goodman, Natalie Peeterse, Dennis Held, J. Robert Lennon, Amy Ratto-Parks, Rob Schlegel, Rachel Toor and many others were published in the “Marry a Monster” anthology created by Sharma Shields

William Finnegan's (MFA 1978) Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life was selected by Time magazine as the #2 best nonfiction book of 2015. 

Horatio Potter's (MFA 2005) "Love Machine" is in the current issue of the Whitefish Review; his story "Return" was a finalist in the Narrative Fall contest.

Kate Di Nitto (MFA 2013) interviews Amy Ratto-Parks (MFA 2004) in Missoula Valley Lifestyles. 

Carrie Laben (MFA 2013) reviewed Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy's Nextinction for American Birding.

Stephanie Land's (BA 2014) "Dating as a single mom: I want to but I can't" was published in the Washington Post.

Rachel Mindell (MFA 2015) and Alicia Mountain (MFA 2015) poems were published in the latest issue of Gris-Gris.

Tess Fahlgren's (BA 2015) story, "The Pit," was published in Five on the Fifth.

Read Trammel's story, "Rhubarb Wine" was published, with an interview of Trammel, in Driftwood. 

Ryan Bell's (MFA 2014) essay, "Kazakhstan: Where Horses are Revered and Eaten" was published in National Geographic. 

Michael FitzGerald's (MFA 2000) company, Submittable, raised 1.3 million in venture capital funding

Sandra Simonds' (MFA 2003) “Advice to a Young Nonprivileged Poet” was published on The Best American Poetry blog. Her 5th book Further Problems With Pleasure won the 2015 University of Akron Prize for poetry.