JBC Curriculum


The primary text for our class is: 

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python 3, by Peter Wentworth, Jeffrey Elkner, Allen B. Downey, and Chris Meyers
*This book is freely available online at https://runestone.academy/runestone/static/thinkcspy/index.html


Additional Python resources that you may find useful include:

Schedule, Topics & Assignments (Sample)

Date Python Topic Computing Topic Graded Events
Week 1 Course Introduction
Python Introduction (1)
Python Introduction (2)
Anybody Can Learn!
Career Opportunities (p. 12)
Women in Computing
Week 2 Labor Day - No Classes!
Python Introduction (3)
Simple Python Data (1)
Growth Mindset
Stereotype Threat
Last Lecture
Assignment 1
Week 3 Simple Python Data (2)
Simple Python Data (3)
Turtle Graphics (1)
Puzzle Code Game
White House CS for All Summit
Assignment 2
Week 4 Turtle Graphics (2)
Turtle Graphics (3)
Turtle Graphics (4)
Drone Delivery
Computing Jobs Outlook
Steve Jobs
Assignment 3
Week 5 Practice Practicum
Practice Practicum Solutions
Take Practicum
Big Buck Bunny
First Computer Bug
Practicum 1
Week 6 IDLE Editor
Functions (1)
Functions (2)
MSU Computer Science
Alan Turing
IBM's Watson
Assignment 4
Week 7 Functions (3)
Modules (1)
Modules (2)
Code Montana
A Push to Boost CS Learning
Internet of Things
Assignment 5
Week 8 Debugging Interlude
Selection (1)
Selection (2)
Imposter Syndrome
Google Glass
Thinking Machines
Assignment 6
Week 9 Practice Practicum
Practice Practicum Solutions
Take Practicum
Mourning Robotic Dogs
Team iLuminate Dance
Practicum 2
Week 10 More About Iteration (1)
Work on Assignment 7
Practicum Solutions
More About Iteration (2)
Megan Smith Keynote
Hilary Mason Interview
Digital Scent Film
Assignment 7
Week 11 More About Iteration (3)
More About Iteration (4)
Veteran's Day - No Classes!
Self-Driving Vehicles
Unconscious Bias
Luis von Ahn
Week 12 Work on Assignment 8
Recursion (1)
Recursion (2)
Recursion in Art
Recursion in Nature
Recursion in Music
Assignment 8
Week 13 Recursion (3)
Thanksgiving - No Classes!
Thanksgiving - No Classes!
Gödel, Escher, Bach
Week 14 Strings (1)
Strings (2)
Strings (3), Survey
Ethical Hacking
Sheryl Sandberg
Pokémon Go
Assignment 9
Week 15 Work on Assignment 10
Practice Practicum
Assignment 10 Demos
Practice Practicum
Rise of the Robots
Hour of Code
Assignment 10