Choose your Tech Track

Camp will be divided into 6 sessions.  Campers will choose 1 of 3 possible tracks.  Each track has a maximum capacity of 30 students.  Campers will be assigned their preferred track on a first-come first-served basis.  If there is a session you would prefer to take that is not offered in your track - you can make a request when registering. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
Session 1
Sunday Afternoon
Mobile App and Game Dev
Part 1
Programming with Python Learn to Program Visually
Part 1
Session 2
Sunday Evening
Mobile App and Game Dev
Part 2
Controlling your Surroundings with a Minicomputer Learn to Program Visually
Part 2
Session 3
Monday Morning
Mobile App and Game Dev 
Part 3
Web Design and Development Computational Biology
Rafting Trip
Monday Afternoon 
Session 4
Monday Evening
Social Science Simulation with NetLogo Mobile App and Game Dev
Part 1
Mystery Video Game Tournament
Session 5
Tuesday Morning
Digital Art Mobile App and Game Dev
Part 2
Introduction to Aeronautics 
Session 6
Tuesday Afternoon
Assistive Technology Mobile App and Game Dev
Part 3

Mobile Application & Game Development

3 Consecutive Sessions - UM Computer Science Lecturer - Michael Cassens

Create interactive apps and games for phones, tablets, and computers using a number of technologies. 

Web Design and Development

1 Session - UM Computer Science Professor - Yolanda Reimer

Create your own web site from scratch by learning the basics of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

Controlling your Surroundings with a Minicomputer

1 Session - UM Research Assistant - Rosie Leone

In this session we will use an Arduino microcontroller to turn lights on and off using a remote control.

Social Science Simulation with NetLogo

1 Session - UM Computer Science Professor - Alden Wright and Anthropology PhD Candidate -  Cheyenne Laue

Programming with Python

1 Session - UM Computer Science Lecturer - Oliver Serang

Learn the fundamentals of programming with Python. 

Digital Art

1 Session - Instructor from the School of Media Arts

Explore the creative application of digital technology.  

Learn to Program Visually

2 Consecutive Sessions - UM Computer Science Lecturer - Trish Duce

Learn the fundamentals of programming in a visual context with the language Processing. 

Computational Biology

1  Session - UM Computer Science Graduate Students from the Wheeler Lab

Experience what is it like to do research!  Use the language Processing to develop methods in computational biology.

Introduction to Aeronautics

1 Session - Director - Jennifer FowlerAssistant Director - Jaylene Naylor, Outreach Coordinator - Kate Stocker, Autonomous Aerial Systems Office 

Get hooked on aviation.   Anaylze the design, development, production, operation and use of aircraft.

Mystery Video Game Tournament

1 Session - UM Gaming Den  - James Stauder and Ryan Knowles

Experience an evening of computer gaming with U of M's largest club on campus: the Gaming Den

Assistive Technology

1 Session - MonTECH Staff

Learn about a variety of assistive technology through this interactive session with MonTECH, the state assistive technology program.  Try Dragon Naturally Speaking, drive a robot, trial some cool apps, and more!