Classical Chinese Literature

Twenty-Four Histories


Ban, Gu (AD32-92), Book of Han

《汉书》 班固(32-92)著

卷一至卷十二/Vol.1 to Vol.12: 《纪》Annals of Han

卷五十四/Volume 54: 《李广苏建传》 Biography of Li Guang and Su Jian (two generals famed for their anti-Xiongnu campaigns)

卷五十五/Volume 55: 《卫青霍去病传》 Biography of Wei Qing and Huo Qubing (two generals famed for their anti-Xiongnu campaigns)

卷六十一/Volume 61: 《张骞李广利传》 Biography of Zhang Qian and Li Guangli (Han’s early presence in Western Region)

卷六十九/Volume 69: 《赵充国辛庆忌传》 Biography of Zhao Chongguo and Xin Qingji (two generals famed for their campaigns against Qiang in Han’s west)

卷九十一/Volume 91: 《匈奴传》 Records of Xiongnu

卷九十四/Volume 94: 《西域传》 Records of Western Region

卷九十九/Volume 99: 《王莽传》Biography of Wang Mang, the usurper of Han


Fan, Ye (AD398-445), Book of Latter Han


卷一至卷十/Vol.1 to Vol.10, 《纪》Annals of Latter Han

卷二十三/Volume 23: 《窦融列传》Biography of Dou Rong, including his nephew Dou Xian’s campaign against Xiongnu

卷四十七/Volume 47: 《班梁列传》Biography of Ban Gu and Liang Jin, famed for their anti-Xiongnu campaigns in Western Region

卷八十七/Volume 87:《西羌传》Records of Western Qiang, the major threat to Han after the collapse of Xiongnu

卷八十八/Volume 88:《西域传》Records of Western Region

卷八十九/Volume 89:《南匈奴列传》Records of Southern Xiongnu, the subjugated Xiongnu tribes by Han

卷九十/Volume 90: 《乌桓鲜卑列传》Records of Wuhuan and Xianbei, the nomadic tribes settling in Mongolian Steppe after the migration of Xiongnu



Fang, Xuanling (AD579-648), ed. , Book of Jin

Wei, Shou (AD505-572), Book of Wei

《旧唐书》刘昫 (887-946)著
Liu, Xu (AD887-946), Old Book of Tang

《新唐书》欧阳修(1007-1072)、宋祁 (998-1061)等著
Ouyang, Xiu (AD1007-1072), Song, Qi (AD998-1061), New Book of Tang

《辽史》脱脱(1314-1356)编 (西辽史部分)
Toytaya (AD1314-1356), History of Liao (For Kara Khitan’s history)

Song, Lian (AD1310-1381), History of Yuan

Zhang, Tingyu (AD1672-1755), History of Ming

History of Qing

Zhao, Erxun (AD1844-1927), Draft History of Qing