This is Central and Southwest Asia, the Newsletter of the Central and Southwest Asian Studies Center, is published once every academic semester. We welcome items related to Central and Southwest Asia for the newsletter.

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Spring 2013 (March)

Spring 2011 (April): 9th Annual Central & Southwest Asia Conference


  • Fall (September):  UM-Israel Exchange Visit June 2010
  • Spring (April):  Lead Article:  Central and southwest Asia: A Priority


  • Fall (September): Lead Article: International Conference on the Durability of Authoritarian Regimes and the Challenges of Islamist Movements in the Middle East
  • Fall (October): Lead Article: Glorious Iran
  • Spring (April): Lead Article: Tajik Students Go to Washington


  • Fall (September): Lead article: Delegation to Visit Tajikistan
  • Fall ( Novemeber): Lead Article: Advisory Board Founded
  • Spring (February): Lead Article: Central and Southwest Asia Program Honors Three Distinguished UM Faculty Members
  • Spring (April): Lead Article: The 6th Annual Central & Southwest Asia Conference


  • Fall (October): Lead Article: The Central & Southwest Asia Program Continues Its Growth
  • Fall (November): Lead Article: Tajikistan – Pearl of Central Asia