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Biology, as the study of living systems, reveals the fundamental principles that govern the complexity within our cells, in the diverse organisms around us, and across vast landscapes. Thus, biology also provides the insights and tools necessary to address real-world problems, from conserving rare species to understanding the mechanisms of human disease. In the Division of Biological Sciences, we are committed to fundamental research excellence, to training the next generation of scientists and leaders through innovative graduate and undergraduate programs, and to fostering biological literacy in our communities.

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New NIH Grant Funds Research on Host-Microbe Interactions

Brandon Cooper with Bird

Assistant Professor Brandon S. Cooper has been awarded an R35 MIRA grant from the NIH ($1,802,630) to fund his research on interactions between endosymbiotic Wolbachia bacteria and their Drosophila fly hosts. This research will identify genetic and environmental contexts that promote Wolbachia spread, which is crucial to explain the prevalence of Wolbachia infections in nature and to improve the efficacy of Wolbachia biocontrol.  For more infomration, see UM's article regarding the grant.