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Biology, as the study of living systems, reveals the fundamental principles that govern the complexity within our cells, in the diverse organisms around us, and across vast landscapes. Thus, biology also provides the insights and tools necessary to address real-world problems, from conserving rare species to understanding the mechanisms of human disease. In the Division of Biological Sciences, we are committed to fundamental research excellence, to training the next generation of scientists and leaders through innovative graduate and undergraduate programs, and to fostering biological literacy in our communities.

DBS News

Dr. Patrick Secor and the Center for Translational Medicine land a major award from the National Institutes of Health


Dr. Secor and collaborators from the new UM Center for Translational Medicine have been funded to try a new approach to develop a vaccine to fight the pernicious and persistent bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This microbe has rapidly evolved to become multi-drug resistant and is an increasing problem for patients who have compromised immune function or a preexisting traumatic injury or disease.  Their approach is to target the vaccine to a specific bacteriophage that commonly infects Pseudomonas and actually makes it LESS susceptible to antibiotics. Preliminary data suggest that this approach may work; the grant is to refine the method and demonstrate its effectiveness and specificity in combatting Pseudomonas infections.