The Division of Biological Sciences

Biology, as the study of living systems, reveals the fundamental principles that govern the complexity within our cells, in the diverse organisms around us, and across vast landscapes. Thus, biology also provides the insights and tools necessary to address real-world problems, from conserving rare species to understanding the mechanisms of human disease. In the Division of Biological Sciences, we are committed to fundamental research excellence, to training the next generation of scientists and leaders through innovative graduate and undergraduate programs, and to fostering biological literacy in our communities.

DBS News

Congratulations to the DBS Graduating Class of 2020

While there will not be an in-person ceremony this year, the faculty and staff at the University of Montana's Division of Biological Sciences would like to send our congratulations to the DBS graduating class of 2020. It has been an honor getting to teach and work with you. We are so proud of all you have learned and accomplished, and we look forward to seeing all the good you will do in the world.