Scholarships, Internships, and Other Funding

Tyler in Field

Many DBS students participate in research or biology-related internships during their time at UM. Most DBS faculty offer positions for undergraduates, with more than 100 students doing research at any time. While many undergraduates are funded by their research advisor or from DBS departmental scholarships, DBS students have also been very successful in obtaining external funding in the form of scholarships and small grants to fund their research. Further, many DBS students participate in nationally competitive summer research internship programs at universities across the country, and some even travel outside of the US to conduct resesarch. Undergraduate research is a valuable experience for many students, and funding from DBS, other sources on campus, and external sources helps to make the innovative discoveries of DBS undergradutes possible.

Both internal and external scholarships and funding has made the outstanding achievments of DBS students possible. If you are impressed by these achievements and would like to help make undergraduate research possible, please consider donating to the department's scholarship fund