Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Programs in the Biological Sciences

The Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Montana offers Bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Microbiology, and Medical Laboratory Science. The Division is led by a diverse group of faculty whose research is funded by the National Science Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the National Institutes of Health. Our faculty bring into the classroom their knowledge, insight and excitement about the biological sciences. We also have superb opportunities for undergraduates to get actively involved in independent research projects with our faculty. We feel that hands-on experience is one of the best (and most fun and exciting!) ways to learn about the biological sciences.  Our faculty also participate actively as instructors and mentors in two joint degree programs: Wildlife Biology and Biochemistry.


Go Griz. Go Anywhere. Read about Hannah and Teague, two recent DBS graduates.

Registration for Spring courses begins October 22.  

Advising for spring semester will take place Oct. 8 - 26.

Graduation applications for Spring 2019 will be due November 9.