Field Ecology

Field Ecology

The Field Ecology option is for students interested in field-based ecology.  Students with this option spend at least one summer, with an optional second summer taking field courses at the Flathead Lake Biological Station.  This option is a graduate prep program, and is for students interested in academia or employment at a governmental, private or non-profit agency.

Course Requirements (link to catalog)

Checklist of Requirements (one page PDF)

There are two examples of graduation plans for the option in Field Ecology:  one summer spent at Flathead Lake Biological Station, or two summers at the FLBS. Students with this degree option are required to spend at least one summer at the station, completing a series of courses with either an aquatic or terrestrial emphasis.

Example three and a half year plan with one summer at FLBS (PDF)

Example three year plan with two summers at FLBS (PDF)