MLS 3+1

A Medical Laboratory Science degree prepares students to perform various chemical, histological, and microbial laboratory procedures used in the diagnosis, study, and treatment of disease.  Students with this degree seek employment in hospital laboratories, physicians' offices, and health departments.  For clinical practice, a student must be certified through the Board of Registry by completing a one year clinical internship/practicum. For more information about practicums and careers in clinical laboratory science, go to the Montana University System Medical Laboratory Sciences website.

The 3+1 track is the faster option - the clinical internship year is part of the degree.  Three years are spent on the UM campus, and then the clinical practicum year with the MUS MLS program (or with one of our affiliated programs) is the fourth year of the Bachelor's degree. 

Course Requirements (link to catalog)

Checklist of Requirements (one page PDF)

Example four year graduation plan (PDF)