Graduation Information

In order to graduate from the University of Montana, students must complete all of the following:
  • 120 total credits
  • 39 upper division credits (300-level or above)
  • General Education Requirements (including the advanced college writing requirement, which is major-specific)
  • Major Requirements

For more information see the Degree/Graduation requirements listed in The University of Montana catalog.

 Graduation Application Deadlines

You must apply to graduate a semester in advance.  

Graduation Applications for Spring are due to the Registrar's Office the last Friday in October with the $40 application fee.

Graduation Applications for Summer are due to the Registrar's Office the last Friday in February with the $40 application fee.

Graduation Applications for Autumn are to the Registrar's Office by the last Friday in April with the $40 application fee.

To apply to graduate, schedule an appointment with Kerry (through Starfish) to approve your Graduation Application well in advance of these deadlines.

Commencement Information

The University of Montana has a Commencement ceremony in December for autumn graduates and in May for spring graduates.  Summer graduates typically attend the spring ceremony.  The Registrar's Office has detailed commencement information.