Advanced College Writing Requirement

How do I fulfill the Advanced College Writing Requirement?

For Biology, Microbiology, or Medical Laboratory Science students, your advanced college writing requirement is fulfilled by a combination of upper division DBS courses. The currently approved advanced college writing courses for DBS students are:


1/3 Writing Courses


BCH 482 Advanced Biochemistry II 

BIOB 410 Immunology

BIOB 425 Advanced Cell Biology

BIOB 483 Phylogenetics & Evolution 

BIOE 403 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

BIOE 409 Behavior & Evolution Disc. 

BIOE 428 Freshwater Ecology

BIOL 484 Plant Evolution 

BIOM 402 Medical Bacteriology & Mycology

BIOO 320 General Botany

BIOO 434 Plant Physiology Lab

BIOO 470 Ornithology 

BIOO 475 Mammalogy


2/3 Writing Courses


BCH 486 Biochemistry Research Lab 

BCH 499 Senior Thesis 

BIOB 411 Immunology Lab 

BIOB 499 Senior Thesis

BIOE 342 Field Ecology

BIOE 371 General Ecology Lab

BIOM 411 Exper. Microbial Genetics Lab

BIOM 499 Senior Thesis


Complete Writing Course


BIOH 462 Principles of Medical Physiology

BIOM 420 Host-Microbe Interactions