DBS Accounting

Rochelle's Reminders

If you have questions, please contact Rochelle (rochelle.krahn@mso.umt.edu, x2465) directly. Business services has the complete forms list.

General purchases

  • Use Grizmart if possible. Otherwise use Procard (if possible), including for Bookstore accounts but excluding food purchases. Please provide a Procard receipt with a billing index as soon as possible.


  • Please fill out travel authorization request (RAT) form and complete estimate of travel cost prior to travel. Rochelle will help with filing the expense form (TER) when you return. 2016 RATTER form.

Entertainment ("meetings") with food and/or alcohol

  • We have direct bill accounts at a number of local restaurants. Use those if you can, but you’ll still need to submit a receipt and the "meeting form" with a list of attendees and the index to be billed for every meal/event. Please see Rochelle a few days ahead of time if you know you'll be entertaining a speaker etc. and 


  • For invoiced services, you must complete a statement of work (even if less than $5000) prior to receiving an invoice from the vendor. After the fact: for vendors who do not accept Procard, there is no place in Grizmart to process the payment.  An order can be created under non-catalog and it will require a W-9 (see Business services forms page) from the service provider.


  • Anyone not already in the system (new graduate students or employees, speakers) requesting a reimbursement will require a W-9  (see Business services forms page) to get added to Grizmart and a separate direct deposit form if they want direct deposit set up.