Flight Lab Research in the Popular Media:

Natalie Wright and UM undergraduate, Christine Peterson, filming a short documentary with the Montana Natural History Center.

Bret consulting for KQED "Deep Look" on hummingbird flight: Deep Look Video

Bret in Quo Magazine: "Robots como pájaros"

Bret on France 5: "Voler, un rêve inaccessible pour l'homme ?"

Erin McCullough on the BBC: "Nature's Big Picture, Beetle Tracking"

An interview with Dean Potter on DC101 with mention of the Flight lab: Dean Potter on DC101

Bret's consultation with Dean Potter: "Dean Potter, The Man Who Can Fly"

Flight Lab on "Science Friday", Video Pick Of The Week: "These Babies Can Out-Climb Their Parents"

Flight Lab on "Talk of the Nation", Audio Link: "These Babies Can Out-Climb Their Parents"

Flight Lab in "Discover Magazine": "Military Cameras & Olive Oil Help Solve Longstanding Mystery: How Hummingbirds Fly"

Flight Lab on the BBC News: "Flap-running in birds is key to flight evolution"

Flight Lab on ScienceNOW: "Why Fly When You Can Flap?"

Flight Lab on Science Nation: "What birds can teach us about flight"

Flight Lab on KECI (NBC affiliate): "Bird Research At Fort Missoula Gaining National Attention"

Flight Lab in The New York Times: "Flying Machines, Amazing At Any Angle"

Flight Lab featured in the "Flight" episode of the History Channel's "Evolve" TV series. (You Tube Episodes Here: 1,2, 3, 4)

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