Flight Lab Personnel


Bret Tobalske Professor, Director Field Research Station

Office: Health Sciences 208 and Field Research Station
Email: bret.tobalske@mso.umt.edu
Office Hours:

Monday and Wednesday, 10:00 - 12:00, or by appointment

Research Faculty

Kenneth Dial Professor Emeritus

Email: kdial@mso.umt.edu

Post Doctoral Researchers

Audrey Elias Clinical Physical Therapy Instructor

Office: SB 103
Email: audrey.elias@umontana.edu

Natalie Wright

Office: Field Research Station
Email: nataliestudiesbirds@gmail.com

Student Researchers

Hila Tzipora Chase PhD student

Office: HS208 and Field Research Station
Email: hilatzipora@gmail.com
Office Hours:

11-13:00, Mondays in HS208

Kristen Crandell Ph.D. Student

Office: Flight Lab at Fort Missoula
Email: kristen.crandell@umontana.edu

Anthony Lapsansky Anthony Lapsansky

Office: Health Sciences 208
Email: anthony.lapsansky@umconnect.umt.edu

Robert Niese Ph.D. Student

Office: Flight Lab at Fort Missoula
Email: robert.niese@umontana.edu