Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology

M.S. Student Timeline

Defense must take place at least one week before the end of the semester.

End of semester 1

  •  Select Research Advisor and assemble Advisory Committee
  •  In addition to the Research Advisor, the Advisory Committee must include at least one CMMB faculty and one outside member.
  •  If the Research Advisor is not primarily affiliated with CMMB, then the Advisory Committee must include an CMMB committee member to serve as the Academic Advisor and the “Research Advisor” is referred to as the “Research Director.”
  •  Advisory committee meets and approves curriculum.
  •  Any course waivers are documented and forwarded to the GEC

End of semester 2

  •  Complete any missing prerequisite coursework
  •  Submit research proposal to Advisory Committee for approval
  •  The research proposal is a description of the work completed, in progress, and to be completed for the fulfillment of the research component of the MS degree.

End of semester 4

  •  Complete coursework

1 semester prior to graduation

  •  Apply for graduation

2 weeks before defense

  •  Send thesis to Advisory Committee
  •  Public notice of defense

1 week before defense

  •  Advisory Committee-approved draft sent to dean of the graduate school

After passing defense

  •  Signed Graduation Application to Graduate school