EE Focal Areas

The EE program is inherently integrative, but our research can be organized into three major conceptual areas. Browse the lab pages linked below for information on individual faculty research programs, and see DBS research and outreach pages for recent highlights.

Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics

Student in Mimulus fieldNothing in biology makes sense except in light of evolution, and the sense of evolution is illuminated by genetics. We use the tools of modern genomics to understand patterns of natural variation and the processes that generate them. Our research addresses questions about selfish evolution and population variation; sexual selection and adaptation; reproductive isolation and speciation; and genome evolution, co-evolution and diversification, in taxa from across the tree of life.

Ecology, Behavior, & Conservation

blackfoot exlosure (photo credit: John Maron)We address fundamental questions about the ecology and behavior of plant and animal species, the dynamics of populations, the distribution of species, and the compostion of communities. Our location in the Northern Rockies provides unparalleled access to field sites in intact ecosystems, and also motivates research focused on understanding and mitigating the impacts of invasive species and other anthropogenic disturbances.

Core Faculty
Creagh Breuner
Jedediah Brodie
Ray Callaway
Matt Church (FLBS)
Jim Elser (FLBS)
Erick Greene
Winsor Lowe
John Maron
Tom Martin 
Dean Pearson

Physiology & Organismal Function

Art Woods with a sealLiving organisms are concrete entities, built of muscle or xylem or chitin, as well as products of evolution and players in ecology. Understanding how organisms develop and function in the environment is a key goal in its own right, and also informs both ecology and evolution. Our interests range from the physics of flight to the regulation of stress hormones to the physiology of adaptation to environmental extremes, and we integrate innovative measures of functional traits with genomic, behavioral, and ecological studies.