Past Lab Members

Jessica Malisch

jessica malisch

Jessica is currently a visiting assistant professor in the Keck Science Department at the Claremont Colleges.

Jessica's Email

Warren Hansen

warren hansen

Ondi Crino

Steve Patterson

steve patterson

Steve completed his PhD on hormone/behavior/fitness interactions across many species. He is currently director of product management and strategy at YP in San Francisco.

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The Breuner Lab Ladies

the breuner lab ladies

Carin Williams  

Rachel Sprague

Rachel completed her PhD on behavioral transitions, fasting physiology and parental investment in Laysan Albatross. Currently, Rachel is Assistant Director for the Hawaiian Monk Seal recovery program, working for NOAA.  

Meredith Swett

Meredith completed her PhD on hormone patterns and behavior in the polymorphic white-throated sparrow. She is currently a Science Writer in Colorado.

Haruka Wada

Haruka completed her PhD with me at UT Austin, focusing on glucocorticoid activity through development. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Auburn University (Wada Lab Webpage).

Jon Sprague

jon sprauge

Lab Ex Husband

Jon's wife Rachel did her PhD in the lab; Jon has also been a lab manager for the lab.  But now, Jon is happily NOT in the Breuner lab, he does not need to hang out in his wife's old lab anymore.  He is doing a very cool masters with Art Woods. 

However, we still call him a lot to get him to come over and fix things, and he is still happy to help us with field work.

Update: Jon got the hell out of Missoula, and is happily working in Hawaii, Master's completed, and he doesn't need to come help whenever we call him now.