Other Instuments

Carbon Coater

carbon coater
The Cressington 108C Auto Carbon Coater is one of the most advanced sample coaters available for coating non-conductive specimens prior to SEM X-ray analysis. The unique feedback-controlled rod evaporation system gives multiple evaporations of around 20nm thickness without any need for rod shaping or adjustment. The high purity stepped carbon rods used in the 108C auto deliver a superior coating quality usable at high magnifications. The 108C is a compact system, simple to operate and has very rapid pumping cycle time. The addition of the MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor allows conducting carbon films to be tailored to the exact requirements of the sample.

Critical Point Dryer

critical point dryer

The Balzers CPD 030 critical point dryer allows for gentle drying of biological samples for SEM. This easy to use instrument has an integrated cooling/heating system, digital temperature and analog pressure displays, a mimic diagram with LED’s to indicate the momentary operational status, a magnetic stirrer for rapid and complete mixing of transitional fluids, and large, safety sight glasses for unimpaired viewing of specimens during the critical point process.

Sputter Coater

sputter coater

The Pelco Model 3 Sputter Coater is a simple diode sputtering system for coating SEM specimens. The top plate assembly of the work chamber contains the Au/Pd target, which is sputtered onto the specimen and incorporates a magnetic deflection system to reduce thermal damage. In addition, cooling water can be circulated when preparing very delicate samples.



The RMC PT-X is a microprocessor-controlled ultramicrotome that provides exceptional accuracy and reproducibility of thin and thick sections for TEM, along with a high degree of operating control and ease of use. It has a two piece construction with the sectioning unit and controls separated, four sectioning channels, each with its own programmable button for section thickness, arm rests for convenient and safe support of the operator’s hands for precision manipulation of sections, and a fully adjustable stereo microscope and overhead fluorescent lamp to adjust for differing resin requirements and water levels. In addition, it features a high precision arc segment holder which ranges from 0-45° or +/- 22.5°, precise knife stage micrometer drives with marked increments of 0.5 and 5.0 microns, and a digital approach with user selectable increments that is useful to novice and advanced users alike.

Miscellaneous Instruments

Other preparatory equipment includes a LKB 7800 Knifemaker, diamond knives, embedding ovens and an assortment of light microscopes.